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 January 21, 2022

Viking Controls is a company that is committed to providing the highest quality control products and services to the HVAC industry. We represent a number of control product manufacturers including our flagship product line of Johnson Controls, Inc. As an Authorized Building Control System Specialist (ABCS) our goal is to provide to the HVAC industry a complete turnkey offering of control products and services.

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Viking Controls Recycles
Recycle your old thermostats - it's good for the environment!

Did you know that the mercury in one thermostat could cause serious harm to public health and the environment, especially when discarded in the garbage?

Bring your old mercury thermostats to Viking Controls for proper disposal. For more information about mercury recycling and to find a recycle drop off center in your area, visit

VAV Balancing Sensors

Simple plug in of the NS-ATV7003-0 will make the balancers job a snap.


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